◆ M&A of local or transnational enterprises

◆ Apply for investment approval for foreigners, foreign companies, Chinese citizens or Chinese companies.

◆ Setup and plan off-shore companies

◆ Conduct due diligence of target company)

◆ Setup or alteration registration of subsidiary/branch/ representative offices in Taiwan

◆ Legal consultation for Shareholders’ meeting/directors’ meeting

◆ Legal opinion for exchange listing, OTC listing and delisting applications務

◆ Reorganization, dissolution or liquidation of companies

◆ File multi-level marketing enterprises report

◆ Business arbitration

◆ Unfair trade disputes

◆ Labor employment

◆ Legal affairs related to real estates

◆ Business and trading arbitration

◆ Transnational commercial disputes

◆ Damage compensation of quoted securities investment

◆ Litigation of financial instruments

◆ Confirmation the position of director(s)/shareholder(s) and apply for provisional injunction

◆ Damage compensation of consumer disputes

◆ Litigation of real estate development

◆ Conciliation and litigation of disputes between capital and labor

◆ Damage compensation

◆ Violation of Securities and Exchange Act

◆ Medical disputes

◆ Violation of Government Procurement Act

◆ Violation of Business Mergers And Acquisitions Act

◆ Forgery of documents

◆ Embezzlement and larceny

◆ General criminal litigations

◆  Worldwide trademark application and infringement litigation

◆  Copyright certification and litigation

◆  Protection of trade secrets

◆  Administrative Appeal and litigation

◆ Draft English contract and legal opinion

◆ Application for provisional attachment, provisional injunction or compulsory execution

◆ Service of legal documents

◆ Long term legal consultant

◆ Registration for foundation/ juridical association

◆ Other legal assistances