◆ Foreign investment planning for Taiwanese business people

◆ Apply for investment approval for foreigners

◆ Investments in Mainland China

◆ Provide legal consultation for foreigners who work in Taiwan

◆ Setup and plan off-shore companies

◆ Draft or provide legal opinion for contracts/letters of intent/ memorandum

◆ Transnational (transregional) damage compensation

◆ Litigation of loan for consumption

◆ Conciliation and litigation of heritage disputes

◆ Partnership/Equity cooperation disputes

◆ Real estate litigation

◆ Trade/lease/request for distributorship

◆ Mandate/employment disputes

◆ Violation of Securities and Exchange Act

◆ Violation of Company Act

◆ Violation of Trademark Act

◆ Offenses of malfeasance in office

◆ Violation of Government Procurement Act

◆ Medical disputes

◆ General criminal litigations

◆ Oversea (transnational/Chinese) inheritance

◆ Draft or provide legal opinion for contracts in English

◆ Draft a dictated will

◆ Trust of property/real estate/securities

◆ Document notarization

◆ Administrative Appeal and litigation